Developer Primer

What is the purpose of this guide?

The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate the range of C# development possibilities for Dynamo from how to create zero-touch nodes to building extensions.
The Dynamo source on Github
The Dynamo source on GitHub

What additional developer resources do we provide?

Dynamo: Download the latest stable and daily builds of Dynamo
Dynamo GitHub: Dynamo is an open-source development project on Github.
Dynamo Github Wiki: This has been the primary resource for developer documentation.
Node Naming Standards provides standards and guidelines for naming categories, nodes, and input and output ports in Dynamo.
Dynamo Language/API guide: Dynamo's API documentation currently covers the core functionality
DynamoBIM The best source for additional information, learning content, and forums is the DynamoBIM website.
Dynamo Dictionary A searchable database of all Dynamo nodes
DesignScript Language Guide A PDF guide to writing DesignScript

How can I suggest changes to this guide?

This documentation is open to suggestions. These can be made directly in Github by creating change requests.