Setup for Dynamo

Dynamo as Extension vs Dynamo Sandbox

Dynamo is an active open-source development project. Find out the list of software that supports Dynamo.

Launch Dynamo as Extension

Dynamo comes pre-installed with software such as Revit3D, FormIt, Civil3D and etc.

For more guidance on using Dynamo with a specific software, we recommend referring to the following sections:

If you would like to use Dynamo as a standalone application. Continue reading for guidance on downloading the Sandbox.

Get Dynamo Sandbox


The Dynamo application is available from the Dynamo website. Both official, past or pre-released versions are available from the download page. Visit Get Dynamo page and Click Download for the official released version.

If you are looking for previous or 'bleeding edge' development releases, all versions can be found in the lower section from the same page.

'Bleeding edge' development may include some new and experimental features that are yet to be fully tested, hence may be unstable. By using this, you may discover bugs or issues, help us improve the application by reporting issues to our team.

Beginners are advised to download the official stable release.


Before launching any version you have downloaded, you are required to unzip the content to your chosen folder.

Download and install 7zip to your computer for this step.

Right-click on the zip file and select Extract All...

Choose a destination to unzip all the files.


In your destination folder, double-click on DynamoSandbox.exe to launch it

You will see the DynamoSandbox startup screen as follow.

Congratulations, you have now finished the setup for using DynamoSandbox!

Geometry is an additional functionality in Dynamo Sandbox that is only available to users who have a current subscription or license to the following Autodesk software: Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, FormIt, and Civil 3D. Geometry allows users too import, create, edit and export geometry from Dynamo Sandbox.

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